Marktonator! A game where you have to click Mark. to gain points! Avoid clicking notmark and see how far can you get to! 

Entry for the first MARKJAM - You can check the Newgrounds release HERE

The game it's all controled and played by mouse but you can also move trough some menus with the keyboaard! Use the ARROW KEYS to navigate trough the buttons, press ENTER or SPACE to select an option, you can go back pressing BACKSPACE and die pressing R, and v.

HELLO! This was my first released (actual) game ever!, i appreciate all the feedback :)

Game made in 1 month using with KaboomJS (the way to make games fast and fun!

Source code:


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Tagsamyspark-ng, kaboomjs, mark, mark-jam
Average sessionA few minutes

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Freaking great. I’m impressed on your huge abilities.


Fun to play.  Great idea.

Thank you!


Lo veo y

C Obra Maestra

gracias cotton me gustan los tacos


cool game fr