Mark's spacial adventure is a game where we follow the adventures of Mark! Travelling from the Earth's core (yucky) to space (cool) | Entry for the second MARKJAM - I can't make this clearer, but this is a DEMO!!! Will be continue working on some months

Enter - Enter (duh)
Backspace - Go back

W / Space / Up - Jump
A / Left - Go left
S / Down - Crouch
D / Right - Go right

The game can be completely controlled with mouse or keyboard.


This game is currently being developed, re-factored and worked on, if you want to help me with code stuff (even tho the code is a total mess) you can DM on discord! (AmyGaming_#6705)


Demo for Mark's spacial advent, i've been wanting to make a platformer game for a while and here finally is! I collabed with DevkyRD to make the art since my art is poopy, it was real fun to work on this one!

Source code: It's on a zipped file on this same page, feel free to download it, check it, take a laugh or cringe at it :D

-AmySpark (programmer, level designer) -
-DevkyRD (Pixel-Artist) -

StatusIn development
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Tags3D Platformer, amyspark-ng, devkyrd, kaboomjs, mark


Download 15 MB


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nice game

thx :)

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This is actually an excellent videogame. I know it is in a very early stage of development, but it promises great things; I’m pretty sure you’ve got the needed abilities to make an extraordinary videogame. And, even if you don’t have them, you are most likely capable to get them. Congratulations, Eimi.

thanks norman very cool


i love it, so fun, but need more levels

noted, thanks!


Omg mark witgh sexy legs

sexy sex sex

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